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'L'image volée'


White 100% cotton t-shirt
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This was taken at the Fondazione Prada in Milan. The reason we started this whole trip was to go to this place. There was a show on called “L'image volée” (The stolen image) curated by Thomas Demand. It had work by over 60 artists from 1820 to present and it was a beautiful show. I can’t remember if this image is from the same show but I remember the room vividly. It was a huge basement, a bit dark with dramatic spotlights on the paintings, the walls were painted a light grey and it was carpeted in a nice beige, thick carpet. This couple was walking alongside each other, looking at the pictures. They were simply and elegantly dressed. We took a few pictures of them from behind. Sometimes holding hands, sometimes cuddling in front of the paintings, they looked happy.